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AppDate: Easy mobile banking with Standard Bank

In this AppDate issue, SEAN BACHER highlights the updated Standard Bank mobile app, the Kaspersky Free Fake ID Scanner, KickSmoking, Centrallo and Battery Watch – Funny Voices.

Updated Standard Bank app

The updated Standard Bank app for smartphones allows users to make payments to recipients without bank accounts and create cash vouchers which can then be drawn without the use of a bank card. The app makes use of a Standard Bank ID, which when created gives users the same profile across all their devices. Standard Bank designed the app to help its customers save money, and has included an Impulse Save feature which lets customers save an amount at the touch of a button.

Platform: iOS and Android with versions for other platforms coming later this year.

Stockists: Visit the store linked to your device.

Expect to pay: A free download.

Kaspersky Free Fake ID Scanner

In the past few months thousands of vulnerabilities have popped up on the Google Play Store, putting many users at risk. In an attempt to combat this, Kaspersky has released Free Fake ID Scanner, a free antivirus app for Android devices. The app scans phones and tablets and, although it does not remove any viruses, it makes people aware of them and directs them to a download site for a free mobile version of Kaspersky Internet Security.

Platform: Android version 2.3 and above.

Stockists: Visit the Google Play Store.

Expect to pay: A free download.


The KickSmoking app for Windows Phone 8.1 is designed to get smokers over their cigarette cravings by giving them motivation and support. It does this by letting them set goals and achievements. Instead of focusing on the health benefits that come with not smoking, the KickSmoking concentrates mainly on the money a smoker will save – which is a lot, considering the average box of cigarettes now costs around R35. The app also records the time a smoker has gone without a cigarette and the number of urges resisted. The app makes very good use of the Windows Phone live tile feature by showing updated statistics every 30 minutes.

Platform: Windows Phone 7.5 and above.

Stockists: Visit the Windows Phone Store.

Expect to pay: A free download.


The Centrallo app is geared to businessmen who want to get their personal and professional lives in order. It allows them to create an unlimited number of lists of things to do, which can then be prioritised according to importance. It differentiates itself from many other task managers in that these lists can be shared with colleagues or family – allowing them to see what your agenda looks like and also letting them add or remove tasks. Centrallo integrates well with the calendar app on iOS devices, meaning that you can see an entire day’s schedule without having to switch between apps.

Platform: iOS devices.

Stockists: Visit the Apple App Store from any Apple device.

Expect to pay: A free download.

Battery Watch – Funny Voices

It came as a huge shock to all of us when we heard of the untimely passing of Robin Williams. To keep his legacy alive, S4BB has launched a commemorative version of Battery Watch. The app displays a phone’s current battery status along with usage statistics, like how much longer the battery will last. Users are alerted when their battery is running low via Robin Williams’ and other personalities’ voices. Voice prompts also let you know when the battery is fully charged. Graphs display how much the phone has been used and which apps are using the most battery power.

Platform: BlackBerry 10 and above.

Stockists: Visit the BlackBerry World.

Expect to pay: A free download.

* Sean Bacher is editor of Follow him on Twitter on @SeanBacher

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