Sony launches Party Speaker

Sony launched the SRS-XV800 Party Speaker in South Africa to coincide with the opening of the Barlow Park centre in Sandton. Good vibes flowed through the airwaves as the Sony speakers delivered loud and clear music.

The device boasts an array of coloured lighting. These dynamic lights generate a vibrant effect, though their brightness is subdued during the day.

A TV Sound Booster enhances TV audio and mega bass can be enabled for a boost of lower sounds.

Its battery can be recharged via an outlet, and Sony says it lasts up to 25 hours with mega bass on and lighting off.

The XV800 is equipped with a touch panel for control, and it can connect to one’s smartphone.

At the event, Sony demonstrated the device’s karaoke function as guests sang their hearts away. It also features plug-and-play compatibility for a guitar.

Rajeev Abraham, marketing communications manager for Sony Middle East and Africa

Rajeev Abraham, marketing communications manager for Sony Middle East and Africa, says: “With its innovative features and exceptional sound quality, the SRS-XV800 redefines the art of sound.

“This speaker can turn every braai or gathering into the party of the century, an ultimate companion for creating unforgettable moments with friends and family.”

The Sony SRS-XV800 Party Speaker is available in three different sizes. It is portable and can be moved around fairly easily with its wheels. However, picking up the larger edition may be a challenge to some.

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