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WiGroup opens mobile payments

WiGroup is making its mobile transaction platform available to smaller companies allowing them to accept money from services like MTN Mobile Money, FlickPay, M-Pesa, TuYu and Gift It.

Retailers of any shape and size can now unlock the power of mobile transacting with the announcement of local mobile transacting platform provider wiGroup that it is opening its platform to smaller retailers. wiPlatform integrates to retailers’ point-of-sale systems and enables them to accept any kind of current or future mobile payment, loyalty, reward or couponing app the market has to offer. Apps and services already integrated to the platform include MTN Mobile Money, FlickPay, M-Pesa, TuYu and Gift It.

Howard Moodycliffe, head of marketing and international at wiGroup, says they’ve made smaller retailers’ entry to the world of point-of-sale integrated mobile transacting as simple as possible. “Recent high-profile mobile payment app launches have created a groundswell of interest in mobile transacting at the consumer level. wiGroup has made the entry into accepting any application smooth and seamless through existing and on-going integrations to point-of-sale systems, as well as several other options should a retailer not have a till.

According to Deloitte’s 2014 Global Powers of Retailing report, South Africa’s five biggest retailers contributed more than R375 billion in global retail revenues. “wiGroup is integrated to over 50 000 till lanes across the country, mainly in tier 1 retail and has processed over R2.5bn. Now, for the first time, smaller retailers will have access to an enterprise-level mobile transacting platform that was traditionally the reserve of the market leaders.

South Africa’s slowing economic growth and alarming unemployment figures have spurred government into action and have made the small business sector a key priority of the new administration. The National Development Plan, government’s ambitious growth plan for the country, envisages that about 90% of jobs will be created in small and expanding companies by 2030.

Technology can play an integral role in enabling smaller retailers to enjoy a competitive edge over other companies regardless of their size. Mobile is also making payments affordable when contrasted with the cost of putting down expensive card terminals with high fees. Over and above seamless enablement and cost savings, small merchants for the first time are able to run closed loop loyalty programs and targeted voucher and coupon campaigns without requiring the capital for typical enterprise solutions. We’re likely to see more innovative uses of wiPlatform as retailers become more comfortable with the technology and consumers have a chance to see what works for them,” says Moodycliffe.

A starter pack containing introductory documentation, frequently asked questions and tips for making the most of the platform will be given to all retailers that sign up for wiPlatform. “The platform is already integrated to most major point-of-sale systems servicing the retail and hospitality markets. It has never been easier for retailers to unlock the powerful benefits of mobile transacting.

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