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Voice SMS comes to Congo



Warid Congo SA, the third largest telecommunication operator in Congo, announced the launch of Voice SMS across its network in the Republic of Congo. This offering is based on the Voice SMS technology from Kirusa, a developer of mobile value added services.

Voice SMS allows Warid Congo customers to send messages to any mobile subscriber in the Republic of Congo by voice, eliminating the need to type. The ease of use of the technology also allows mobile subscribers to experience the emotion and convenience absent in text messaging. Use of Kirusa Voice SMS by mobile phone users is gaining global traction due to its ease of use and value provided to mobile subscribers.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Michel Elame, CEO of Warid Congo S.A, said, ‚Voice SMS has a significant utility as a means of communications and connectivity and as an enabler for the delivery of content and services, for both the consumer and enterprise markets. In Congo this service will give our customers the freedom to communicate and express their emotions with the Voice SMS service. Kirusa was chosen to offer this service as it has the most advanced Voice SMS offering with a proven ability to increase ARPU’s, as well as a platform that supports several additional Value Added Services.‚

Warid Congo customers can dial ‚*’ followed by the number of the person they wish to send the message to, and speak a short message for up to 30 seconds in any language. The recipient gets a notification message from the sender and can dial *0* to hear new voice messages, or retrieve previously listened voice messages by dialing *1*. Voice SMS messages can be replied to, forwarded, saved, or deleted.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO and Founder of Kirusa, said, ‚Since we launched in Africa, we are greatly buoyed by a significant rise in the customer base across the continent. Our expansion plan involves two simple elements, to ensure that our product is one of the best in the industry and to continue to liberate mobile users and be refreshingly different, by bringing in the best products and services into the market, and by innovating continuously.‚

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