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Virgin Galactic story in tweets

With the launch of the South African office of Virgin Galactic today, SEAN BACHER summed up the spaceliner’s story in a ‚tweenote presentation‚ . If you didn’t catch it on Twitter, here it is‚Ķ

1. On 27 Sept 2004, @RichardBranson announced plans for Virgin Galactic, the first commercial spaceliner. #VGalactic

2. With American aerospace engineer Burt Rutan, @RichardBranson explained system of mother ship and spaceship. #VGalactic

3. Mother ship, White Knight 2, takes off like airplane, and SpaceShipTwo craft launches from mother ship. #VGalactic

4. White Knight 2 flies to 21km, SpaceShipTwo detaches and travels 100km to Karman line, where space begins. #VGalactic

5. SpaceShipTwo rocket a hybrid of liquid and solid, accelerates to 3000mph. Shuts down for glide onto runway. #VGalactic

6. Each passenger at window seat with large overhead window and one to left or right. No more fight over seat! #VGalactic

7. SpaceShipTwo passengers feel weightless for about 6 minutes, during which they can float around the cabin. #VGalactic

8. More than 500 people have bought a $200,000 Virgin Galactic ticket. @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher) was no. 500. #VGalactic

9. Virgin Galactic opens Johannesburg ticket office, with first South African “Space Agent””, on 2 May 2012. #VGalactic

10. Launch date for first commercial flight not set, but dozens of test flights completed. #VGalactic 10, 9, 8, 7…

* Follow Sean on Twitter on @seanbacher

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