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Two-thirds of working SA on the hunt for jobs

According to a recent survey carried out by Careers24 on Facebook, 68 percent of employed South Africans are looking for a new job. The survey revealed that renumeration and the lack of promotion opportunities in current positions where key factors driving the respondents to look for new employment.

68 percent of employed South Africans surveyed via Facebook are currently looking for a new job according to a recent snap survey by Careers24. While only 13 percent of respondents are satisfied with their current jobs and are not looking at the moment, a significant amount are looking for positions with higher pay and higher titles.

Salary is a key factor motivating South Africans to look for a change in their employment situation. Many South Africans also cite a lack of promotion as a reason for feeling dissatisfied with their current job.

“The Facebook findings highlighted a distinct dissatisfaction among South Africans. While most employees are constantly looking for better opportunities, few actually manage their careers by proactively updating their CVs,”” says Tim Gregory, General Manager of Careers24. Looking for a job can be a full time job, its best to regularly update your CV and also your profile on a job board, and choose a job board that allows you to set your privacy status and easily remove your CV if you are no longer in the market.

The Careers24 survey showed that a further 19 percent of South Africans are happy in their jobs but are open to new opportunities.

Updating your CV regularly and setting up alerts will help you stay ahead of the curve in the job hunting stakes. “”We’ve decided to up the ante for job candidates by injecting clever Search & Match technology into our job board this soon to be launched technology will recommend jobs to candidates based on their skills, work history and career path goals,”” comments Gregory.

The enhanced technology, to be launched in the next few weeks, will see Careers24 become a technical market leader in the recruitment space: offering recruiters and job candidates much needed innovation in the job search game and allowing job candidates to take control of their careers and advancement.

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