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Tubetastic: World Splashfest

This 1-4 player party game is centered on competitive, fast-paced action where players must bounce into each other until the last player stands.

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Players can immerse themselves in a sea of chaos as they use their arsenal of weapons to battle their way to the top and be crowned the best player. Packed with a buttload of wacky characters with diverse starting abilities – who will be the best character standing?

Seek out face-owning power-ups, master the art of boosting and bouncing to dodge enemies, hunt down friends and foes with brute force, or laser beam unicorns up the you know what!

“Some say crazy, others say wonderfully creative, everything I do I ensure it drips Super Goodwin,” said Chris Goodwin, owner of Super Goodwin games.

Play local / online battle royales or work cooperatively to survive the variety of dynamic enemies that lurk in the deep. Tubetastic: World Splashfest is best played competitively with friends, toes in the water, tail in the sand; come be a part of the insane water fight coming to Steam on May 16 for $14.99. A free demo of Tubetastic will be available on Steam the day of launch.


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