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The New Pope – Now streaming on Showmax

Jude Law reprises his role as “young pope” Pius XIII, but Sir John Brannox is gunning for his seat of power in The Vatican.



The New Pope, IMDB’s third-most anticipated TV show of 2020, is now streaming first on Showmax. Jude Law reprises his role as “young pope” Pius XIII. Sir John Brannox, played by John Malkovich (another two-time Oscar nominee), is gunning for his seat of power in The Vatican, and already earning high praise as The New Pope.

The Young Pope, the original 2016 series, made Time Magazine’s list of the Ten Best Mini-series of the 2010s. Law was nominated for a Golden Globe for what The Guardian called “a lacerating performance – his young pope is brutally calculating, occasionally almost charming and never less than terrifying.”

The new series opens with Pius lying in a coma, with his replacement not working well for The Vatican, and pressure mounting to appoint a new pope.

Enter the persuasive, seductive Sir John Brannox – soon to be Pope John Paul III. As The Guardian puts it, “Malkovich plays delicate Brannox with a purring, campy charisma; resplendent in a purple suit, a smudge of mascara beneath watchful eyes”.

The result, The Guardian says, is a series “just as rich and ravishing and gloriously enigmatic,” as its predecessor, a “deep dive into the hidden world of the Vatican City, marvelling at its mystique with agnostic fervour.”

Of course, they didn’t hire Law just so we could watch him sleep, as enjoyable as that is, so sooner or later these two powerhouses are going to face off over that gilded throne.

The New Pope’s supporting cast includes Silvio Orlando, Cécile de France, Javier Cámara and Ludivine Sagnier, returning in their roles from The Young Pope. Ulrich Thomsen (Banshee, The Black List), joins the cast this season, alongside some surprising guest stars: Oscar nominee Sharon Stone stops by the papal office in episode 5, and His Holiness takes the opportunity to ask for her advice on what the church could do “to make itself more eloquent.” It’s a very funny scene (hint, there is some crossing and uncrossing of knees), and there’s a similarly amusing cameo from Marilyn Manson in episode 4.

In Italy, that anticipation led to the January premiere drawing almost 1-million viewers, dwarfing Game of Thrones’ release figures there. And audiences loved it, giving it the highest-ever rating for a Sky drama premiere in Italy.

The New Pope is now available to stream on Showmax.

Stream of the Day

Rogue Company gameplay trailer revealed

The new cross-platform team shooter, Rogue Company, can now be seen in action via a gameplay reveal trailer and an exclusive alpha testing channel.



Hi-Rez Studios and First Watch Games have released an explosive gameplay trailer for their slick cross-platform team shooter Rogue Company. Delivering action, tactics and a whole lot of attitude, the new trailer reveals Rogue Company’s energetic gameplay and third-person, action movie flair. 

The game will be launching in mid-2020 on the Nintendo Switch, PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, all on the same day.  

Taking on million dollar contracts from governments and special interests, Rogue Company is a vigilante force going where governments can’t to stop credible and imminent threats. Relying on public opinion and popular support, many Rogues embrace their newfound celebrity. 

Headed-up by Lead Game Designer – and former Halo world champion – Scott Lussier, Rogue Company is the debut game from First Watch Games; a band of Hi-Rez Studios developers and industry veterans with experience working on some of gaming’s most famous and successful shooters. 

“Gamers should be able to play with their friends, regardless of platform”, says Lussier. “Rogue Company is all about bringing together a huge community of gunslingers and giving them a depth of gameplay to show off their individual style.”  

“We’re tired of grown-up shooters being overly serious”, says Chris Larson, Executive Producer. “Rogue Company matches a modern, high-style universe with tight, tactical action gameplay. The alpha testers are loving it and we can’t wait to welcome more of you in as we gear up for launch!” 

Rogue Company is currently in Alpha (apply here), available to wishlist via Epic Games Store and will release this summer on all platforms.

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Stream of the Day

Trevor Noah beats Cassper Nyovest in FIFA video game

To encourage staying at home, rapper Cassper Nyovest streamed a live game of FIFA with talk show host Trevor Noah in #CassperStayAtHomeGames.



Staying entertained during lockdown is vital, as South Africans find themselves about to enter week 2. South African rapper Cassper Nyovest has found a way to stay entertained and to keep others entertained too: the FIFA video game on his PlayStation.  

Nyovest created the hashtag #CassperStayAtHomeGames on Twitter, then started taking on competitors for the video game on various live streaming platforms like Twitch and Instagram. 

On Tuesday, the rapper announced he was challenging comedian Trevor Noah to a match of FIFA 2020 on PlayStation. 

Shortly after, Noah publicly agreed to play against Nyovest, and an announcement was made by Nyovest via Twitter. 

While the game was streaming, South African streamer Grant Hinds pointed out that the stream was the second most watched FIFA stream in the world at that time. 

Both players selected South African teams – Noah selected Kaizer Chiefs and Nyovest selected Orlando Pirates. 

At the end of the 90 (virtual) minutes, Noah beat Nyovest with a score of 4 – 2. While the game was entertaining for both celebrities, it provided a way for South Africans to remain entertained during the lockdown. 

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