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Supersonic launches more affordable AirFibre

As a connectivity alternative to fibre, Supersonic’s AirFibre offers fibre-like uncapped services over a wireless network – at a lower cost.

High-speed internet has become one of the most sought after commodities of our time, be it for business, the home, school or leisure, our society is relying on this service more and more by the day. The pandemic has highlighted the increasing need for connection and unveiled the structural challenges that prohibit many communities from receiving quality fibre connections.

Many South Africans are in need of an innovative product that overcomes distance and a lack of infrastructure in urban, township, and rural communities to bring fibre-quality connectivity to more households.  A quality service that can provide a viable option for the home, personal use and for  Small to Medium-sized businesses in these communities.

Supersonic announced AirFibre earlier this year which is a cutting-edge technology that provides customers with fibre-like speeds at sub-fibre prices. 

“We are breaking down the traditional barriers to entry that have denied many the access to a modern, connected life”, says Kabi Kolobe Chief Finance Officer at Supersonic. “From Soweto to Swellendam, we believe that every household deserves the speed and benefits of fibre-like connectivity, and with the AirFibre technology, we can achieve this”.

Due to the current major lack of available spectrum, MTN has located unlicensed spectrum – which is a stable, readily available resource – and combined it with innovative technology now available to effectively leverage open spectrum. This is something that was previously not possible.

Supersonic AirFibre will bring fast, inexpensive, and uncapped connectivity solutions to areas in which traditional fibre installations are not available. “Built on an unlicensed spectrum, the solution was designed to use – like the naming convention suggests, air to transmit signal which is maintained by MTN’s technology team. With the support from the Y’ello network, AirFibre is capable of delivering a network quality that is in line with MTN’s industry benchmarks, yet available at affordable rates,” says Kabi.

After a successful “soft launch”, Supersonic has now set its sights on a rapid, widespread rollout of this product. AirFibre is launching competitive pricing from the get-go. While a consumer can expect to pay roughly R799 for a 20mbps line with a standard fibre ISP, AirFibre comes in at over double that value for the same price. Here’s what users can expect to pay:

  • R399 for 5Mbps uncapped
  • R499 for 10Mbps uncapped 
  • R599 for 20Mbps uncapped
  • R799 for 50Mbps uncapped
  • R999 for 100Mbps uncapped

Kabi says: “With pricing set from a competitive R399 for 5Mbps Uncapped, AirFibre, which enables multiple users to connect through a single account using the Wi-Fi router that comes as part of the package, is a boon for the ‘new normal’ where communities need to balance life in a pandemic. With schooling, entertainment, and work all happening at home, AirFibre offers always-on reliable connectivity, an innovation that we hope will do its part to fuel our economy to bounce back to growth by bringing internet to all.”

For more information on Supersonic, visit here.

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