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Solder from your notebook

Now you can solder directly from your notebook with a soldering iron that connects to your USB port. According to the company, the iron can reach temperatures as hot as 500 degrees.
PartServe Channel Support has launched its USB powered soldering iron, providing the convenience of light electronic work away from the computer room. This unit is fully portable and can use any standard USB cables including a dual connector USB cable that can push the power up to 300 degrees or by connecting a 9 volt battery, one can achieve 500 degrees.

PartServe Channel Support director Lee Bowes says the soldering iron is hot enough to be able to work with highly lead-based solder. “I had no idea that USB could provide enough power to heat a soldering iron but someone has figured it out. Though USB’s weren’t really designed for anything other than data transfer, but they have come a long way into doing things that don’t really have anything to do with the aforementioned purpose.”

The USB powered soldering iron retails at R299.00 (Excluding VAT). For more information contact PartServe Sales at telephone (011) 201 7777; fax (011) 201 7999; e-mail

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