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Santam ups data science game

The Santam Group has selected SAS as the provider for its data science platform, as part of “FutureFit” strategy.

Santam is one of the first JSE-listed companies to invest in SAS’ latest analytical software for their South African business. This transaction extends SAS and Santam’s existing partnership in the field of data analytics, and the company says its data science investment reflects its confidence in the future of the South African economy.

Making use of the best-in-class bundled solutions within the SAS Viya platform, Santam says it will be more agile in serving  policyholders through relevant insights and quick-to-market enhancements to the current and future suite of policies offered.

“Santam believes in the future of South Africa, and this is why we have chosen to invest in this type of technology. SAS Viya will make us more agile and able to improve decisioning and implement analytics much faster throughout our business processes,” says Kevin Wright, hhief information officer of Santam.

SAS Viya is the flagship modern analytical platform that covers the end-to-end analytical life cycle. The platform incorporates data preparation,  data visualisation and model development, using AI and machine learning algorithms, model management and deployment capabilities, as well as streaming and image processing.

SAS’ reputation within the industry is one of excellence, with modelling software that is accurate, relevant and reliable, that is accepted by the regulators. SAS Viya will tackle a wide spectrum of business challenges across the insurance value chain. 

The adoption of SAS Viya extends a long-standing relationship between the two companies. Santam currently relies on SAS for other solutions spanning customer, fraud and risk areas. 

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