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QDOS releases MagSafe compatible iPhone case

The QDOS Touch Pure case enables the use of the new iPhone’s MagSafe wireless charger through a polycarbonate shell.

QDOS has released the Touch Pure case that has a series of magnets in it, with the same arrangement as the magnets inside the iPhone 12 series. This is to ensure compatibility with the first-party and third-party accessories available that work through Apple’s MagSafe.

The Touch Pure has a hard polycarbonate shell which is covered with a soft-touch material, which QDOS claims is resistant to dirt and anti-microbial — resisting 99.9% of bacteria.

There is a soft inner lining to prevent the case scratching the device while in use alongside a raised lip around the camera and screen.

The case will be available soon locally through iStore South Africa.

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