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Peugeot launches 2008 SUV in SA

The compact SUV enters South African market with different looks and advanced equipment offered as standard.

Peugeot has launched the new 2008 compact SUV in South Africa. The brand intends for the vehicle to be at the centre of the compact SUV segment and contribute to increasing its success in the South African market.

The design of the Peugeot 2008 falls in line with the company’s “lion” design DNA. Wheel options include 18” rims with added inserts. The company claims the inserts provide three advantages: easier customisation, weight loss (4 kg across all wheels), and better aerodynamics.

All models of the 2008 feature 3 LED ‘claws’ daylight-running lights on the rear and, the headlights use LED technology on all variants.

Alongside the usual Peugeot paint finishes, there are 3 additional paint finishes:

  • Elixir red
  • Vertigo blue
  • Fusion orange (exclusive to the 2008)

The interior options include:

  • The doors panel trim in orange (on Active) or blue (on Allure) “tampo-printing”
  • The Allure version features “Urbanoïd” light blue upholstery
  • The GT Line versions are trimmed in isolated Adamite and have LED ambient lighting with 8-colour options

The Peugeot 2008 has a length of 4.30m, a wheelbase of 2.60m and a boot volume of 434 litres — which includes a two-position floor on certain versions. In the main cabin, there is discreet storage at the bottom of the centre console and an optional sunroof.

The instrument binnacle is the company’s iCockpit with 3D effect paired with a compact steering wheel and a 3D heads up display. The main infotainment screen has a 10″ HD resolution and is touchscreen with support for Mirrorlink, Apple Carplay, and Android Auto.

There is also an induction charging pad and up to 4 USB sockets are available depending on the version.

Peugeot claims that the 2008 part of the better equipped models in the segment with the following driving-aids and equipment:

  • Drive Assist plus, which combines:
    • Lane departure avoidance system, linked to the lane positioning.
    • Adaptive cruise control with stop and go function in the automatic gearbox configuration.
  • Park assist that manages the steering when entering and leaving a parking spot, with 60 cm difference between cars when parked.
  • Automatic emergency braking, which also detects pedestrians and cyclists, day and night (from 5km/h to 140 km/h)
  • Active warning of involuntary lane crossing.
  • Driver warning alert, for when the car detects the driver is getting tired.
  • Auto switching high-beam, to focus even more on the road
  • Recognition of signs (one-way, stop) with recommendation for speed signs.
  • Active blind spot monitoring,
  • Electronic parking brake.

The 2008 is available in diesel, petrol and electronic versions and is available in 3 specification levels: Active, Allure and GT Line.

The petrol engines are structured around the 3 cylinder-engine, a 1.2L engine size, and meet the Euro 6d standard.

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