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New Pokémon Snap – Out now for Nintendo Switch

Players can explore lush scenery on unknown islands to snap photos of Pokémon in their natural habitats.

Seek out and take in-game photographs of Pokémon in their native environments in the New Pokémon Snap game for the Nintendo Switch. Users must snap photos from the Neo-One as they encounter and research lively wild Pokémon. Players might see unexpected expressions or behaviours—Pokémon patrolling their territory, playing, or lurking in out-of-the-way spots.

Investigate the mysterious Illumina phenomenon

Travel to the islands that make up the Lental region. In this region, some of the Pokémon and vegetation will appear to have a special glow. Players research these Pokémon alongside Professor Mirror as they explore dense jungles and vast deserts. Observations of Pokémon thriving in the wild may help unravel the truth behind the Illumina phenomenon.

Save, edit, and share Pokémon photos

Players can save photos to a personal in-game album to edit and adjust them. When users complete a course, they can adjust the brightness, blur, zoom and other aspects of their photos in Re-Snap mode. Then, add stickers, frames, and filters to add a personal touch.

This new game brings the gameplay of the 1999 Pokémon Snap game for the Nintendo 64 to life on the Nintendo Switch system with unknown islands to discover and different Pokémon to see.

Photos are scored based on the Pokémon’s poses, how large they appear, how directly they’re facing the camera, and other factors. Users may even snap a four star-worthy photo if they catch rare Pokémon behaviours. These scores can be shared via in-game rankings so users can compare their shots with other Pokémon photographers around the world.

In the Lental region, Pokémon and vegetation have sometimes been seen to glow. Meet Professor Mirror and work with him to uncover the mystery of the Illumina phenomenon. Photos and observations may be key to learning about this strange occurrence.

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