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Nashua Mobile blocks international roaming



Nashua Mobile is in the process of blocking international roaming on all of its customer’s SIM cards. According to the company, this is being done in an effort to protect customers from being left with a huge cellular bill after their phone has been stolen.

Nashua Mobile is in the process of removing the international roaming, calling and forwarding functionality on all customers SIM cards in a proactive effort to protect them from fraudsters who steal SIM cards and use them to run up massive international phone bills.

This is in response to the growing incidence of international call forwarding fraud, where thieves use stolen SIM cards to place international collect calls against the subscriber’s account. Unwary cellphone subscribers that fall prey to this scam could be saddled with bills of thousands of Rands.

Nashua Mobile has alerted all customers via sms to be aware of international call forwarding fraud and to ensure that all lost and stolen SIM cards are reported immediately.

The company is in the process of removing all international roaming, calling and forwarding functionality from all customers that have not used this functionality over the past 12 month period and will notify the customers via SMS. All customers that have made use of the international roaming and calling functionality within the past 6 month period will receive a SMS requesting them to contact Nashua Mobile should they still require the functionality before it is automatically removed.

If customers want to reactivate their international roaming, calling and forwarding functionality on their SIM cards, they can do so by sending a formal request to Nashua Mobile by emailing or calling 0861-412-412.

Nashua Mobile is working closely with the network operators to put further measures in place to curb this sort of fraud.

In the meantime, Nashua Mobile advises you to:

· Report the loss or theft of a voice or data SIM card immediately.

· Advise Nashua Mobile if you believe your SIM card has been tampered with in any way.

· Deactivate International Calling and Roaming on your phone when you are not travelling.

Remove any call forwarding activated on your phone by entering ##002# and then press dial.

¬∑ Ensure that the call forwarding option on your SIM card isn’t activated without your knowledge.

Activate a SIM card PIN on your cell phone under security settings. Ensure that your phone is locked when not in use, should the phone be stolen while it is unlocked, the SIM card PIN will serve no purpose.

Always ensure to check your monthly billing and activities on your account and report any inconsistencies to Nashua Mobile immediately.

When requesting a new SIM card to be activated, ensure that the international roaming/calling and forwarding functionality is deactivated at the same time.

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