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Nail office phone costs

Telfree has launched Telecounter, an online tool that lets users quickly and easily calculate if they are over-paying for their telecommunication costs.

Telfree has launched a new tool for businesses ‚ the Telecounter. Business owners, financial directors and accounting officers can now quickly and easily calculate whether they are over-paying their telecommunications costs. Using the Telecounter to obtain an estimate of how you can save on day-to-day communications costs for your business is easy. Simply have your latest monthly telephone bill to hand. Punch in the Rand value of your current spend for each communication type as listed and press calculate.

Business owners who have already used the Telecounter have identified that they could be saving around 30 percent on their telephone costs – and that’s quite an eye-opener especially in today’s economically restrained times where every cent per second counts.

Telfree launched the Telecounter to underline just how much businesses could be saving and adding to their bottom line, if they made the switch to their no-fuss cloud-based PBX system, Office Connection.

Click here to use the Telfree Office Connection Telecounter


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