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Logitech enables wireless listening



Logitech has launched a new range of wireless speakers that are able to connect to any device using Bluetooth.

You always wanted to listen to your smartphone or tablet music on big speakers at home, but you had nowhere to plug the jack in. Now Logitech’s new speakers, including the Logitech Z323, Z523, Z623, Z506 and Z906, can easily be connected wirelessly so you can enjoy all your music!

· Ubiquitous connectivity

Any audio device with Bluetooth can now become a truly wireless player for all your music and movies

· Great sound—wirelessly

Listen to music or other audio from your smart phone, laptop or tablet on your favourite speakers.

Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter for Bluetooth Audio Devices is available from November 2011 at local stores for a recommended retail price of R499.00.

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