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Local app takes fear out of K53



South African company Lucky Mobile has produced an interactive app for Android and Apple devices to help aspirant drivers pass their learner licence test the first time.

The K53 driving test strikes fear into the hearts of all prospective learner drivers, given its fearsome reputation and the statistics that suggest the majority fail it the first time.

The idea behind the test is to measure the capability of the learner-driver in handling a vehicle, obeying traffic rules and coping with practical problems on the road. However, the complexity of the test makes many learner drivers so nervous.

Proper preparation for taking a K53 test comes with first getting the learner’s licence portion correct. Options to assist learner drivers in this respect proliferate across the Web, but Lucky Mobile is the first local service provider to offer learners a truly interactive mobile application to help them pass the test.

‚Our newly developed application, called Easy K53, takes a results-based approach to learning, letting individuals identify where their particular weaknesses are,‚ explains Laurence Seberini, MD of Lucky Mobile. ‚This enables them to focus on becoming fully familiar with the material that they might otherwise slip up on during the actual test.‚

Seberini says the Easy K53 app is available for purchase on iTunes, for just $3.99 (a little under R30) ‚ approximately half the cost of the various printed book versions available on the market.

‚The Easy K53 app makes use of real-time feedback methodology, which assists the user to ‚learn by doing’. Since the learning material is self-contained within the practice section, this means that no physical book is necessary.‚

‚The app is split into two main segments: a practice mode, where users can revise sections of the K53 that concern them, and a test mode. In this segment, users can undertake a simulated test that mimics the actual K53 Learner’s Licence test. Once this is complete, a detailed breakdown of the test results can be studied, enabling the learner to identify which parts of the syllabus require additional work and practice.‚

Learners are also able to utilise the Easy K53 app to do revision after a test. The app presents the learner with those questions that were answered incorrectly during the simulated test, effectively allowing the user to attempt these a second time, once more with real-time feedback.

In order to make use of this simple and effective study tool, the only requirement is a compatible device. Among the devices it can be used with at present are the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, providing the device has iOS 4.0 or later.

‚There is additional good news for those learner drivers who do not utilise an Apple device. As of today (1 September), Vodacom is launching an app store called Vodacom Apps and Lucky Mobile’s Easy K53 is featured in this store. Additionally, as part of the launch promotion, it will be made available for Android for free, for a limited period.‚

‚If you are aiming to obtain your driver’s licence anytime in the near future, there is no reason to hit the books in order to pass ‚ simply visit iTunes or Vodacom Apps and obtain your personal, interactive mobile solution to the problem. Easy K53 enables you to prepare for your test anywhere, and at anytime, making passing first time a simple matter.‚


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