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LG V40 ThinQ debuts 5 cameras on a phone

Last year, 4 cams on a smartphone looked like excess. Now 5 lenses may be the new normal, writes ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK



One of the coolest functions of the three-lens array is Triple View, which kicks in when the user activates the camera. Focusing on the same object, it applies all three lenses, and shows what it looks like via telephoto, standard and wide angle. The user chooses the best image, and the handset activates that mode for the shot.

“If you move to the front of the device, you have a standard 8Mp lens and a wide-angle 5Mp. Now it’s not only about the selfie, but also the groupfie. The nice thing there is that they work in tandem, and create perfect bokeh picture effects (the background is blurred while the subject of the picture remains sharp) with a swipe of the finger.”

The rear cameras have the same bokeh function, with a slider to increase or decrease the blur.

“The display is QHD+, with the most pixels of any QHD+ phone currently on the market, 40% more than on the V30+, its predecessor, yet not at a premium price. Through a partnership with Vodacom, we are able to bring it to market at a price point much lower than the V30+.”

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