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Intersexions – Now available on Netflix

For those who missed the gripping South African drama about HIV when it aired in 2010, now’s the chance to catch up on Intersexions on Netflix.



Intersexions is an award-winning television series that shows how inter-relationships between sexual partners enable HIV to spread insidiously across society.  

This episodic drama series, comprises 26 independent but interrelated episodes that examine how that which remains unsaid in love, relationships, and sex may place us at greatest risk of HIV infection. With each new episode, we are brought closer to finally discovering this reality. 

The series initially aired in standard definition (SD) on SABC in 2010, and grabbed the attention of viewers because it portrayed very real situations that South Africans face. The episodes are now available on Netflix in HD, which adds extra visual clarity to the viewing experience.  

For those without a Netflix subscription, the SABC 1 YouTube Channel has viewers covered. The episodes are free to view on YouTube, although they are uploaded in a square aspect ratio with black bars above and below, in a maximum resolution of 480p SD. 

Intersexions is now available to stream in HD on Netflix, and in SD on YouTube


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