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Ice Cream Sandwich comes to Razrs

Motorola has announced that it is rolling out Android 4 or Ice Cream Sandwich to selected Razr and Razr Maxx users over the next few weeks.

The upgrade is now rolling out to a select number of Motorola Razr and Razr Maxx users as part of our standard upgrade process, and will be available more broadly over the coming weeks.

Highlights for Android 4.0 on Motorola Razr and Razr Maxx include:

A new look

· Redesigned keyboard for faster input with improved error correction and word suggestion

· Snap a quick pic, make a call, send a text, access your notifications, and manage music tracks directly from the unlock screen

· A new colour scheme with animations and interactions Рall shown with a new typeface that improves readability

· New folders let you sort and group all your apps and shortcuts the way you want.

New features

· A new screen-lock option lets you access your smartphone with just one look.

· Contacts app replaced with the new People app, which includes larger pictures and rich profile information

¬∑ Stay on top of data with colorful charts and information showing data usage information. Set warning levels or hard limits on your data to make sure you don’t exceed your plan’s limits.

¬∑ Screen shot – press the power and volume down buttons to capture what you’re seeing on your screen. Take that screenshot and share it or send it to a friend‚Äînow everyone can see what you see.

Improved features

· Enriched Email app with address auto-completion, quick response emails, and searching across folders and subfolders

· Improved camera with time-lapse video, snaps during video recording, ability to use volume keys as shutter button, updated zoom control lock and feel, continuous focus with tap to autofocus, and flash-assisted low light focus

· The new Browser gives faster page loading, bookmark synch with Chrome browser on a computer, and the ability to view desktop version of web sites

· A powerful new voice input engine to allow for continuous dictation, pausing and inclusion of punctuation to compose emails, texts and more

¬∑ Intelligent settings in SMARTACTIONS automate tasks and settings to make your life easier. Explore triggers and automatic settings like Voice Announce to tell you who’s calling when you’re driving. Or mark your important contacts as ‚VIP‚ so their calls override your vibrate and silent settings.

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