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How did you mark the Royal Wedding?

Flickr has launched ‚The People’s Royal Wedding Album’ ( – a competition that aims to capture how the British public are marking the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Today the album is full of pictures of those celebrations including street parties, pets in royal regalia, cakes, novelty embroidery, jubilations on the Mall and the ‚wedding free zone’ pubs.

Jennie Bond, Yahoo!’s Royal Wedding expert, commented “I remember the party atmosphere and feeling of celebration that swept the country in 1981 when Charles and Diana said ‚I do’. Thirty years on, Flickr’s ‚People’s Royal Wedding Album’ has provided a snapshot of what the royal wedding means to the country and showcases all the different ways we choose to spend the day..””

Whatever people have been doing and are doing over the weekend, Flickr’s ‚People’s Royal Wedding Album’ wants to capture it all – and there’s a ¬£5000 ‚honeymoon’ as a prize for the best snap.

There is still time to enter, so if you have a photo of the Royal Wedding that you’ve bought, the aftermath of partying across two long bank holiday weekends or your back garden barbeque entering it into ‚The People’s Royal Wedding Album’ on Flickr couldn’t be easier:

· Visit

· Simply use the free Flickit smartphone app to upload whilst on the go

¬∑ If you don’t already have one, set up a Flickr account. You can now also use your Facebook or Google ID to log-in.

· Upload your Royal Wedding photo to the group by May 3 (competition end date)

· Wait with bated breath to see if Jennie Bond has made you King/Queen (delete as applicable) for a day

The wide ranging opinions of the British people around the Royal Wedding should ensure no shortage of snaps for the Flickr Royal Wedding album. According to Yahoo! Research:

· Over 50% of Britons are looking forward to the Royal Wedding and see it as cause for celebration

¬∑ We’re not necessarily being gripped by monarchical fevour – When asked why they were celebrating, 30% of respondents cited the long bank holiday weekend

· Only 10% of female respondents want to become a real-life princess like Kate Middleton

¬∑ The Royal Wedding spirit doesn’t seem to have led to an outbreak of generosity in Britain’s hospitality industry – over 90% of hoteliers in the UK say they will increase their prices across the Royal Wedding weekend

“”With every detail of the wedding, from Kate’s dress to the first dance and what guests had for dinner shared by the world and his uncle, the ‚People’s Wedding Album’ turns the spotlight on what ordinary people are doing, or not doing, on the big day,”” said Fiona Miller, Flickr’s Marketing Manager.

She added: “”Flickr is in a unique position to tell the visual story of the people’s wedding. Not only is Flickr part of Yahoo!, the premier digital media company, but it is already used by the British Monarchy as the home of its official Royal Wedding photostream and has over 10 million users in the UK. Flickr makes it easy for members to share their life through photos with the people that matter to them and we’re excited that we can play a part in documenting the Royal Wedding from the people’s perspective.””

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