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Hisense readies new Android 11 devices

The Hisense Infinity H40 Lite will be among the first device in the world to come with Android 11 and will be released in South Africa this month.

Hisense has announced the Infinity H40 Lite, which will be running Android 11, will be available in South Africa from 25 September. The device will be among the first in the world with the new Android 11 release. 

Android 11 focuses on giving people more control over their devices, both by improving security and by giving more control over privacy-sensitive permissions. There will also be enhancements to the user interface, especially around message notifications. 

The Hisense H40 Lite Android 11 is built on the UNISOC SC9863A platform, providing great performance with an octa-core ARM Cortex-A55 processor. 

Zaker Li, senior mobile analyst at Omdia, says: “Android 11 has added many vital functions as the most advanced mobile operating system, such as 5G network support and a user privacy protection upgrade. As one of the first mobile platforms, UNISOC will significantly improve its end-user experience.”  

For many users, the most important component in a phone is the camera, and the H40 Lite with Android 11 boasts many new features, which include: 

  • Super night scene: Improves image brightness, dark detail and contrast while suppressing more noise in night scene mode; 
  • Scene recognition: It can recognise 12 scenes, including portrait, cat and dog, blue sky, food, green plants, text, architecture, snow scene, flowers, fireworks, night scene, sunrise/sunset. It can adjust the effect according to the scene that is detected. 
  • Portrait lighting effects: Simulate professional lighting effects with 8 kinds of lighting effects – studio light, butterfly light, side light, contour light, theatre light, classical light, window light and wave point light. 

Other user interface enhancements include: 

  • Ongoing conversations appear on the screen in “bubbles,” which can be clicked on to open the conversation and reply. 
  • The overall interface effect is rich and lively, with updated icon structures. 

The Hisense H40 Lite will retail for around R4,499. 

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