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HD voice services sounding great

When high definition voice services were launched world-wide, South Africans were told that they would have to wait a while before they would be locally available, but says Vox Telecom’s BRADLEY GATTER, these rumours are unfounded.

The Vox Supafone leverages our first-tier, voice-prioritised network and supports high-definition (HD) voice calls to bring crystal-clear quality to all who use the system. On-net calls (Vox-to-Vox subscribers) get the full benefit of HD voice, while off-net calls to another service provider also offers better quality.

The Vox Supafone is a multi-functional cordless phone used for making calls over the Internet. It offers dual mode capabilities, which means one can easily switch between internet (Vox) and fixed-line calls at the touch of a button. It is also multi-line and six handsets can be registered to the Vox Supafone, allowing three simultaneous calls two Vox Telecom calls and one fixed-line call. The Vox Supafone offers fantastic savings to both consumers and small- and medium-sized businesses. Its particular attraction to the corporate environment is in multi-branch calling as on-net calls (Vox-to-Vox) are free 24/7.

All that’s needed to support the service is an ADSL Internet account and router. A PC does not need to be on or even in the vicinity in order to make calls. The Vox Supafone works independently of a PC and there is no need to change infrastructure if the user has an existing ADSL line.


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