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Give the finger to security

Biometrics is quickly becoming one of the most reliable forms of security in the enterprises, banks and for consumers. According to GREG SARRAIL, its popularity is being driven by hackers that are able to get around conventional security measures. Below are four reasons why biometrics is ahead of the pack.

Biometrics is fast becoming one of the most reliable forms of security used by enterprises, banks and consumers. A large part of its growing popularity is driven by the rise in hackers who manage to sidestep traditional security protocols, compromising systems and identities across the globe. Biometrics offers significant online identity protection that uses unique biological details to ensure that accounts and systems can only be accessed by authorized people.

Here are four reasons why fingerprint biometrics is ahead of the pack:

1. Liveness detection – There is no truth to macabre movies where bad people take people’s fingers and use them to access biometric systems and bypass security. The reality is that really good biometric solutions have a technology known as liveness detection that uses several variables to instantly determine that a real, alive finger is being presented for fingerprint matching. Your unique fingerprint, your account.

2. Total security – Nobody else can use your fingerprint. It is yours to do with as you wish, and one way of using its power wisely would be to validate your identity using fingerprint biometric systems. With biometrics, only you can access your bank account or office. If you go into your bank and they use biometrics to confirm your identity, you can rest safe in the knowledge nobody else can pretend to be you to access your funds.

3. No need to boost your memory – countless passwords, PINs, bank card logins and the list goes on. We all have to remember a lot of numbers and letters and special characters to access our accounts. Isn’t it nice that with a biometric security system you only need to remember to bring your hand with you?

4. Biometrics is safe and convenient – today, banks are using next generation technology, to allow you to simply gain access to your personal account by affirming, “Yes, it’s me!” with the touch of a finger. The process is painless and seamless and all about YOU.

* Greg Sarrail, Vice President Solutions Business Development, Biometrics HID Global.

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