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Garmin announces new Forerunner 45, 45S, 245, 245 Music, 945

Garmin has announced a new Forerunner lineup, which brings integrated music capabilities, full-color mapping, and advanced safety and tracking features to its GPS running smartwatches.

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Designed with the runner in mind, the new Forerunners (45, 45S, 245, 245 Music, and 945) will not only track a run, but will monitor stats, crunch the numbers, and get to know all about an athlete’s performance, training history, and goals. The new Forerunner series is designed to meet the needs of almost all runners, no matter the speed or distance they run.

“We are excited to refresh our Forerunner line and bring sought-after advancements to some of our most popular GPS running smartwatches,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin VP of global consumer sales. “Each new Forerunner takes what its predecessor has done very well, and enhances it with even more features, making it easier for you to simply focus on your workout while your watch does the thinking.”

Engineered for runners, by runners, each new Forerunner features lightweight materials and an intuitive 5-button design that can be operated with or without gloves, and in almost any weather condition. The watches include an always-on, sunlight-readable display with GPS, all-day activity tracking, smart notifications, wrist-based heart rate, and new safety features that allow users to share their real-time location with chosen contacts in case they need help. Whether training for a 5K or something far longer, the new Forerunner line is compatible with Garmin Coach, free training plans that adapt based on a runner’s goals and performance. In addition to 5K plans, Garmin users can now train for a 10K or half-marathon with the help of three running coaches – Jeff Galloway, Greg McMillan, and Amy Parkerson-Mitchell – to guide and motivate them.

With features specific to each model, the new Forerunner smartwatches deliver key running metrics and insight to runners, whether they’re training for their first 5K or already have dozens of finisher’s medals decorating their walls. Each watch is built with purpose in both form and function to help athletes train smarter, and possibly harder.

Forerunner 45 and Forerunner 45S

Designed for those who are training for their very first race or starting a new exercise plan, the easy-to-use Forerunner 45 series is the perfect companion for everyday use, monitoring heart rate at the wrist, and featuring built-in GPS to keep track of pace, distance, and intervals. For those with smaller wrists, the Forerunner 45S features a 39-millimeter case compared to a 42-millimeter case on the Forerunner 45.

With a dozen activity profiles available, the Forerunner 45 series will track more than just a run – it will record efforts during a cycling workout, on the elliptical, while doing cardio, yoga and more. The Forerunner 45 series is designed to be worn 24/7, and will monitor daily steps, distance, calories burned and sleep. Featuring all-day stress monitoring and Body Battery energy monitoring, users can focus on their wellness and better plan their day to optimise times for activity and rest. The Forerunner 45 series features up to 7 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 13 hours in GPS mode.

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