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DFA targets 20 000 business connections via fibre

By March 2016, Dark Fibre Africa hopes to give 20 000 businesses access to its high-speed fibre optic network using a service provider of their choice.
The South African Constitution is promoting community involvement with the Cape Town budget, but many citizens have found it to complex to understand. However, a new website is using modern data journalism to make the budget more understanding and interesting.
The latest figures released by the ITU show that global Internet penetration has increased almost seven-fold in the past 15 years.
The rural Eastern Cape is about to get high speed Internet though a dedicated Wi-Fi connection, writes DUNCAN ALFREDS.
Bringing the Internet and other digital services to your door is about a service quality and reliability. These are some of the core values that drive successful companies, and are used to differentiate one from the other, writes ARIF HUSSAIN.
The adoption of cloud computing is growing at a staggering rate, but warns JED HEWSON, in this highly competitive landscape a business needs to do its homework before choosing a cloud service provider.
Although Cloud adoption by SMEs was rather slow in the past, many are now starting to see the numerous benefits it has to offer. IVAN EPSTEIN gives five good reasons as to why all small businesses should consider moving to the Cloud.
Saxonwold and Parkwood are the latest neighbourhoods in Johannesburg to become “fibrehoods.” Fibre installation is expected to begin in the third quarter of this year, with homes scheduled to be connected to the Internet by September.
South African music lovers can look forward to a new Internet radio service in the form of Rdio. For R25 per month, users will have access to ad-free streaming radio and will be able to download up to 25 songs a day from over its 35-million song catalogue.
Check Point Software Technologies has  launched the ThreatCloud World Cyber Threat Map, which visualises how and where cyberattacks are taking place worldwide, in real time.”,”body-href”:””}]

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