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Dark Room adds lurking terrors to PC

Swedish indie game developer Lexip Games has released the first episode of Dark Room, a terrifying horror experience for PC.

Indie game developer Lexip Games has released Dark Room, episode one, a terrifying horror adventure on PC challenging you to discover your past, your identity and your destiny, trapped in a mysterious mansion full of terror, deceit and surprises.

Dark Room offers a classic point-and-click adventure experience with clues to decipher, doors to unlock, puzzles to solve and mysteries to explain. Locked in a room, a player’s only clue is a strange wristwatch displaying the date 4th of July, 1997.

Players must figure out who they are, how they got there, and how they will escape. A golden key offers a better clue, but someone is pounding on a nearby door. Players must decide whether they want to unlock the door to uncover the lurking terrors.

Dark Room challenges players to explore the environment to escape – if they can. The game involves collecting, combining, and using items one discovers to progress in the game, and carefully examine clues in the most unlikely of places. The in-game journal becomes a handy logbook of letters and clues, and walls throughout contain strange messages and riddles of importance.

Dark Room’s first episode is available now on Steam for PC: 

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