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CES: Now, a robot to feed pets

The automatic pet feeder has been “reimagined”. At CES 2020 in las Vegas this week, AutoPets unveiled Feeder-Robot, a Wi-Fi enabled automatic pet feeder that offers pet owners multiple operating modes and customisable programming options for pet’s mealtime needs. AutoPets says it has transformed the automatic pet feeder In much the same way the litter box was transformed by its Litter-Robot.

The Feeder-Robot features advanced scheduling software, allowing pet owners to monitor and control their pet’s feeding habits from the convenience of their phone. Its sophisticated hardware includes sensors that detect food backup, anti-jamming technology that prevents missed meals, and an automatic gravity feeding option to keep a pet’s bowl full. If food isn’t dispensed for any reason, pet owners immediately receive an alert through the app or on the unit itself. 

For those who may not be comfortable using smart devices, the mobile app isn’t required to operate Feeder-Robot. Controls on the unit allow users to set the amount of food per meal and number of meals per day, while an LED light alerts pet owners when Feeder-Robot is low on kibble. 

Pet owners who do use the Connect app will have even more customizable programming options and insight into their pet’s weekly and monthly feeding patterns. They can set multiple feeding schedules, give a snack or skip meals, and receive notifications about being low on food. Cat owners who also have a Litter-Robot can manage both the Feeder-Robot and Litter-Robot from the same app.

“We wanted to give pet parents the absolute best automatic feeding solution possible and I think we’ve done just that,” says Jacob Zuppke, COO at AutoPets. “The Feeder-Robot is simple to use, with or without the app, and you can have confidence that your pet will get the right amount of food on time, every time. We built the product that we wanted for ourselves and for our pets.”

Feeder-Robot works for multiple pets, including cats and dogs 35 lbs and under, with a capacity of 25 cups of dry or semi-moist kibble, and its components are friendly to both pets and pet owner. It includes:

  • Dishwasher-safe components for easy clean-up 
  • Auto-locking hopper and tamper-resistant lid to keep the feeder secure and food fresh 
  • BPA-free plastics 
  • Chew-resistant power cord

The Feeder-Robot’s modern design blends seamlessly with any home decor. It includes a plastic bowl, with additional stainless steel and glass bowl options available for purchase at $15 and $25, respectively. It will retail starting at approximately $249 when it goes on sale in Spring 2020 and will include a 90-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month warranty.

AutoPets will demonstrate Feeder-Robot and Litter-Robot during CES in Sands Halls A-D, booth 40961. For more information, visit

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