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CES 2022: Bathroom gets connected

Baracoda Daily Healthtech will showcase its connected bathroom tech that can work without using a phone as an intermediary.

Baracoda Daily Healthtech will be at CES 2022 beginning 3 January at CES Unveiled, to showcase its newest range of connected bathroom devices, including the BConnect Hub, which enables universal connection for all compatible devices to their respective platforms without using a phone as an intermediary.

Baracoda Daily Healthtech will demo its new connected and smart healthtech solutions, including:

  • BBalance connected bath mat, to capture weight-body composition-posture-balance
  • BCool battery-free, mercury-free, connected thermometer made from recycled plastic
  • Colgate hum smart toothbrushes powered by Baracoda
  • Artemis smart mirror for grooming and skin monitoring
  • BConnect Hub, the sleek plug-in data-gathering device that eliminates dangling wires and removes the need to use your smart phone for tracking health behaviors and personal trends

The BConnect Hub automatically and securely connects the user, via BLE and Wi-Fi, to a personalized dashboard using Baracoda’s proprietary BConnect protocol. Compiled metrics and coaching add context for a holistic approach to self-care. It also allows data to be uploaded to a GDPR-compliant central system for follow-up, history, analysis and clinical trials.

Baracoda will also highlight its unique B2B2C open-innovation model at CES 2022, designed to scale startups at an accelerated pace through Baracoda Labs (BLabs.)

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