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CES 2021: M2 translator earbuds

The new translator buds are aiming to provide translation without an internet connection.



Its a new year but, Covid-19 is still present along with all the lockdowns and restrictions that come with it. However, Timekettle has released new translation buds, the M2, which aim to allow translation to be possible while offline and still function as regular wireless earphones. The earbuds were awarded as a innovation honouree of CES 2021.

They are an update from the company’s first offering, the WT2, adding in the ability to translate 11 languages offline, improved sound by utilising Qualcomm’s aptX technology and support for 40 langues and 93 accents when translating using an internet connection.

However, for offline translation, users interested in the M2’s will have to select the option as an extra at checkout, which the company labels as a “Perk”.

The earbuds feature a mode called Remote Mode, which can be used for up to 40 people with 40 languages translated at the same time, without the users having to be in the same location. Timekettle states that the M2 earbuds should provide 30 hours of total use before requiring a charge from an outlet, alongside an accuracy translation rate of up to 95%.

The earbuds are available to purchase here, and are shipping.


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