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Bravado Gaming backs Alienware’s new gaming laptop

The Alienware Area 51m claims to set the benchmark for gaming laptops, raising them to the level of a desktop gaming performance. Bravado Gaming, South Africa’s leading esports team, took a closer look.

Dell’s Alienware Area 51m is being called a game-changer for obvious reasons; it is unlike any mobile gaming machine built before.  

It is the first of its kind; a customisable laptop capable of competing with gaming PCs. Rather than getting stuck with the hardware that is only available in certain laptops, the Area 51m is one of the first gaming laptops to feature CPU and GPU upgradability. It also offers desktop-level processing power, advanced cooling, and a premium design.  

Gaming requires serious performance. Gamers are early adopters: they want real-time graphics, high-resolution screens and more responsive peripherals, powered by serious hardware and software.  

Bravado’s Pro gamers say they are all about fun and competition. They love stunning visual experiences when gaming, and they want speed and responsiveness when they are competing.  

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