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Blood glucose meter gets 3G boost from Qualcomm

Qualcomm has announced it will integrate its wireless Internet of Everything Module (IEM) into a blood glucose meter being developed by Telcare. Currently in prototype phase, it is designed to transfer blood glucose readings to a patient’s family members or physician with each test. Telcare will demonstrate its newest innovations in Qualcomm’s exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

“One in 10 American adults today has diabetes, and experts estimate the disease’s prevalence could triple in the next 40 years,”” said Jonathan Javitt, Telcare’s CEO. “”Using Qualcomm’s IEM technology, we are developing Telcare 3GM as an evolutionary leap beyond today’s glucose meters. Real-time engagement with caregivers is particularly beneficial for parents and family members looking after diabetic children and elderly people, where family support can mean the difference between a good day and a trip to the emergency room.””

The Telcare 3GM glucose meter aims to bridge the last mile between patient and caregiver. Using 3G mobile broadband, the product is designed to enable patients and caregivers to regularly monitor and respond to changes in an individual’s glucose levels. This feedback loop should give people with diabetes a more flexible lifestyle, and provide them better control and management of the disease. Telcare plans U.S. clinical trials in 2011 to explore Telcare 3GM’s potential for improving compliance, maintaining patients’ health status, and simultaneously reducing the cost of care.

“”We are pleased that Telcare will be adopting the IEM for its blood glucose meters,”” said Don Jones, vice president of business development for wireless health at Qualcomm. “”Wireless connectivity is becoming widely recognized for its inherent benefits for both medical devices and the overall healthcare industry. The IEM provides these capabilities to enable people from all walks of life to better manage their health.””

Qualcomm’s embedded IEM solutions for wireless machine-to-machine communications deliver support for the world’s leading 3G technologies with integrated GPS: Bluetooth: voice, data and text capabilities: and motion sensors. IEM’s compact size allows for easy integration into next-generation wearable devices.

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