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Android toys go into battle



Desk Pets, maker of interactive and micro-robotic toys and gadgets, has unveiled BattleTank, a palm-sized robotic tank that is controllable through Apple and Android mobile devices.

BattleTank comes equipped with two navigation modes allowing the tank to roam freely or charge into action to race and battle in multi-player mode.

Equipped with a variety of play modes, sounds and maneuvers, BattleTank has a personality all its own. In free-roaming mode, the BattleTank takes the helm, acting under its own direction and sounding off with engine-revving noises. You can also take control of the BattleTank to chase down an autonomous drone tank (purchased separately) or re-enact your favorite tank battles with a friend, firing at enemy tanks and even other Desk Pets. Each successive hit from your opponent slows down your tank, making it a greater battle to beat your challenger. With a single BattleTank, you can also navigate over or around obstacles on your desk such as pens, notebooks, coffee cups or your keyboard. A built-in battery and USB flip down charger minimize battery costs, giving your BattleTank hours of inexpensive fun and giving you a break from mundane work days!

With Desk Pet’s free downloadable iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android application, you can fully control BattleTank with your mobile device. Now with updated graphics and functionality, the user-friendly app includes a product guide, device optimization and a universal remote to control your favorite Desk Pets. For BattleTank, the app features dual joystick steering allowing for realistic tank maneuvers by powering left and right tracks individually. You can also use the fire button to attack enemies and the boost button to give a temporary power lift to your tank. Each BattleTank comes with a smartphone adapter that easily plugs into the headphone jack of your mobile device. Once connected, the application is compatible with BattleTank and other current Desk Pets products.

‚”BattleTank brings military precision to app-controlled toys with its infrared sensors and smart free-roaming technology,‚” said David Piltz, Managing Director of Desk Pets International (HK) Limited. ‚”At less than $25 dollars and with budget-friendly USB charging, this interactive tank is perfect for kids and adults, and fun for the whole family to play with in multi-player mode.‚”

Desk Pets’ newly designed website showcases the brand’s award-winning micro-robotic toys. Additionally, Desk Pets’ updated mobile apps bring new, colorful graphics and improved functionality to the brand’s full line of robots, including the new BattleTank. Now users can control all of their Desk Pets through one versatile app.

‚”From iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to Android, our app is compatible with almost all mobile devices, letting you completely control your BattleTank with an easy-to-use digital universal remote,‚” said Michael Trzecieski, Managing Director of Desk Pets International (HK) Limited.

BattleTank Features

• Fully controllable by iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android mobile device application

• Free-roaming mode with various sounds

• Multi-player mode for battling and racing

• Retractable USB charger built into body of the product: 40 minutes of charge = 25 minutes of play

• Comes in white, olive and green

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