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20 million people move to Iceland

If Iceland could count their virtual visitors after the opening of the Opera Mini data centre, it would be one of the biggest tourist hotspots on the planet. November 1 marks the first day of operation at Opera Software’s Icelandic data centre.

With the flick of a switch, more than 20 million Opera Mini users in Europe, Africa and Asia will travel via Iceland when using their mobile phones to surf the Web. The transition is seamless and requires no action from the millions of Opera Mini users. After the switch, users will experience the same fast, reliable Opera Mini browsing experience as before.

Opera Mini, the world’s most popular mobile browser, with more than 71 million monthly users, makes use of a server to help out in the processing of webpages. As a result, people experience a faster Internet at a lower price. The Opera Mini browser is available as a free download to more than 3000 different phone models, from basic feature phones to high-end smartphones at

While providing a more versatile Web for the end user, the Opera Mini technology requires powerful data centres for processing. Massive data centres equal massive requirements for power and cooling. The stable supply of power and cooling in Iceland make for the ideal location of a data centre. Geothermal energy from the Icelandic ground provides electrical power, while the chilly Icelandic air provides a natural cooling source.

‚ This move makes sense in multiple ways. The environment wins by the switch to green energy and cooling methods. Meanwhile, our finance department is happy with the savings we make by locating these servers closer to the natural resources on which we rely,‚ said Jon von Tetzchner, Co-founder, Opera Software. ‚The mix of clean energy, skilled IT workers and fast Internet connections to international hubs lets us provide the best service for our European, Asian and African users of Opera Mini.‚

Opera Mini’s move marks the first large-scale operation of the new Thor Data Center in Iceland.

‚We are delighted to host Opera’s many customers in a secure and ecofriendly data center, powered by nature itself,‚ said Jon Viggo Gunnarson, CEO and Co-founder of Thor Data Center. ‚We offer highly competent and experienced staff, and it makes me proud on behalf of the people in Iceland. I look forward to expanding our business in USA and Europe.‚

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