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CeBIT: Fujitsu unveils new
Lifebook family

07 Mar 2013 by
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CeBIT: Fujitsu unveils new <br/>Lifebook family

At the CeBIT show, currently under way in Hanover, Germany, Fujitsu announced its new Lifebook E Line family of business notebooks, designed to optimise enterprise mobility.

The notebook PCs are great for demanding business users and help secure cost savings in ICT (Information and Communications Technology). The Lifebook E Line makes its debut at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany.


As CIOs would expect from a leading enterprise notebook provider like Fujitsu, the new Lifebook E Line includes rich features for enterprise mobility. These help ensure that corporate ICT departments can enjoy cost savings from the use of standardized components and accessories such as mainboard, modular bay drives, AC adapters and mainboards.


While businesses of all sizes continue to extend the reach of “bring your own device” programs, they are also counting the cost in terms of ICT support for a wider variety of devices. These include use of the same mainboard and BIOS, plus internal components, as well as the port replicator and external power supply. Not only does this reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) in administration and system management but also means that users can share accessories between different models in the Lifebook E Line.


Better professional tools

As business users have become accustomed to using consumer ICT devices in their personal lives, so they have higher expectations for their professional tools. Fujitsu designed the Lifebook E Line family to combine the best of both worlds. All three new Lifebook models offer full business functionality, and include all the flexible and convenient working functions that are expected in today’s premium business notebooks, such as a large touchpad, an optional backlit keyboard, and Fujitsu’s popular modular bay capable of hosting a second battery, a second hard disk drive or the pico projector.


The new Lifebook E Line models are built to last, with an aluminum palm rest, solid magnesium lid and strong hinges to ensure that the screen stays in place even after being opened and closed many times a day.



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Lifebook family'

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